Bakirova Sholpan Abdikerimovna

Candidate of Philological Sciences
Head of the Department Shymkent city Madeli Kozha street-137 main building

1 Абишева Г.К. 8 778-999-18-20

2 Айботаева Ж.К. 8 747-591-34-31

3 Ануарбек Г.Б. 8 775-477-78-95

4 Байжанова Г.8 700 100 8899

5 Бакирова Ш.А. 8 701-237-67-07

6 Баймыш Л.К. 8 778-501-25-12

7 Бейбитова У. А. 8 771-625-17-71

8 Гурбанова А.А. 8 778-272-82-65

9 Даулетова А. 8 700 785 22 65

10 Елибаева Р.Д. 8 701-735-66-42

11 Жүнісбаева Ж.Қ. 8 705-700-29-05

12 Көшекбай Н.К. 8 702-603-15-97

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14 Құдайбергенов А. 8 708-222-23-84

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17 Нургазинова Э.Я. 8 708-528-33-19

18 Сапарбаева Г.С. 8 702-349-26-68

19 Сарыбаев Д.Т. 8 700-023-30-46

20 Салиева Г. 8 775-787-07-07

21 Сейдишева Г.Т. 8 705 544 22 36

22 Сыдыкова Г.А. 8 775 661 91 36

23 Тайжанова С.К. 8 747 877 03 69

24 Токмурзаева А. 8 707 873 03 69

25 Тұрсынғали Н. 8 778 123 31 21

26 Тойлыбаева Г. 8 776 544 22 36

        In the modern era of information technology, classical philological education is gaining new relevance. In this regard, the management of the university, represented by the President of the Institute Saparbayeva G. S., being a philologist by education, believes that it is the humanitarian and language training that is the basis of the institute’s education.

The Department of Philology is headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior lecturer Bakirova Sh. A.

Currently, the teaching staff of the department consists of 25 people: 8 of them – with academic titles and degrees:

Saparbaev G. S. – associate Professor; Alybaeva R. D. – candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor, candidates of pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturers Gurbanov A. A., Nazarova G. Zh., candidate of philological Sciences, senior lecturers zhunisbaeva Z. K. Bakirova S. a, Bimis L. K., Kudaibergenov A. E. Sydykov G. A.-senior lecturer;Sedysheva G. T., Koseki N. To., Mamirova S. K., Of U. A. Salieva H., Tulbiaia G., Seitkasymova G. B., D. T. Sarybayev, K. Abisheva G., masters Abitaeva J. K.,Arefyeva A. E.,Anuarbek G. B., Tursyngali N., Turlybekova I. A.,Koshmuratov A. U., A. A. Tukmaria

In order to develop international integration, expressing mutual interest in joint scientific and educational activities, the Department of Philology fruitfully cooperates with the following universities:
1. Tambov State University named after G. R. Derzhavin (Russia).
2. Azerbaijan University of Languages (Baku).
3. Xinjiang Xuar Pedagogical University (China).
4. I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University (Bishkek).
5. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.
6. S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University.
7. JSC “national center for professional development “Orleu”.

The department has various language and literary associations and student circles “Russian speech”,”Zhasadebietshi”,”SmartStudents” discussion clubs.

The announcement circle is provided and conducted annually by a set of groups for those wishing to learn English
In order to improve the ability to speak and repeat all the materials, a performance was held with the members of the circle, in which English teachers took part
Using the experience of communicating with works of fiction in everyday life and educational activities, speech self-improvement
The organization of the club is linked to other forms of extracurricular work in the Russian language, in the preparation and conduct of which the members of the club should take an active part


At the Department of Philology, the national festival of art competitions “Abai Alemi”, “The Best Reader” is held, which gathers both individual creative evenings and general meetings of the faculty’s creative talents.
3rd year student Altynuli Ayaulym of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” sings the song of Abai Kunanbayev “Segiz ayak”)
3rd year student Altynuli Ayaulym of the specialty “Kazakh language and literature” sings the song of Abai Kunanbayev “Segiz ayak”)

In order to implement the dual learning processes in practice, an enterprise that needs specialists enters into a contract with an educational organization. There is also a contract between the student and the employer and a three-way contract between the student, the employer and the educational organization. The contracts specify the obligations of all parties and the financial conditions.

A student of group Inr 17-3 Raimbekova Gulnoza is practicing theoretical skills in practice in secondary school No. 47 in Shymkent

Teachers and students are involved in research work. In recent years, a large number of monographs, electronic textbooks, teaching aids, scientific articles have been published.

The article was published in the 2019 academic year in Scopus by the candidates of the department Nazarova G.Zh. and Gurbanova A.A.)
A student of the group Inr 17-3 Raimbekova Gulnoza took first place at the plenary student conference, scientific director A.A. Gurbanova
A student of the group Ink 18-2 Meimasheva Aidana took second place at the plenary student conference, scientific director A.E. Anefiyaeva
All disciplines are provided with educational and methodological literature, including ESD in the state and Russian languages

Improving the professional qualifications of teachers enables specialists to update their knowledge of the profile in their professional activities, study current problems of the industry and prepare for new job functions.

All forms and channels of retraining and advanced training of teachers, participation in conferences and seminars in the regions, as well as through the work of the methodological seminar of the faculty are actively used.

On February 18, 2021 at 14.00 on the basis of the Department of Philology of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute on the ZOOM platform, the International Scientific and Methodological Seminar “Traditions and Innovation in Teaching Russian Language and Literature” was held.

More than 60 people took an active part in the International Scientific and Methodological Seminar, among whom were philologists from the Russian city of Tambov (Department of the Russian Language of Tambov State University named after G.R.Derzhavin

– within the framework of the Agreement on cooperation between our universities), as well as scientists – linguists from the following universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan: ENU. Gumilyov (Nur-Sultan); South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezova (Department of Russian Language and Literature and Department of Practical Russian for Technical Specialties); International University of Tourism and Hospitality (Turkestan), Miras University, as well as doctoral students, undergraduates and students of philology of these universities.

In addition, teachers, heads of educational work and directors of secondary schools in Shymkent took an active part in the seminar:

No. 14 named after Mardana Saparbayeva, secondary schools No. 38 and No. 86, gymnasium school No. 75 in Shymkent, teachers of GAEK (humanitarian – agroeconomic college), as well as the head. departments of the Institute Mardan Saparbayev, head. departments, teachers, undergraduates and students of our university.

The moderator and organizer of the seminar, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Philology, Elibaeva Raushan Duisenovna gave the floor for the opening of the International Scientific and Methodological Seminar “Traditions and Innovation in Teaching Russian Language and Literature” to Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations Kazanbayeva Zhanara Sapargalievna, who congratulated the participants on the beginning of the seminar and wished fruitful and creative success.

Further, with welcoming words to the seminar, the professor of TSU named after Derzhavina Shcherbak Antonina Semyonovna, who noted the huge contribution of associate professor Elibaeva R.D. in strengthening the Agreement on cooperation between our universities and the good organization of the seminar.

Also, the professor of the Department of Turkic Studies Musabekova Urzada Abilkasimovna and Doctor of Philology, Professor of Pavlodar Pedagogical University Atirkul Yegemberdieva, who

noted that such seminars contribute to the consolidation of Russian and Kazakh scientists to exchange experiences, ideas and search for solutions in the field of linguistics and literary studies.

The main guests and participants of the seminar were the faculty of philologists of the Department of the Russian language of the Tambov State University. G.R. Derzhavin (Tambov, Russia) represented by the head. Department of the Russian language, Doctor of Philology, Professor Shcherbak Antonina Semyonovna and Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Moiseeva Larisa Sergeevna, who provided us with meaningful and interesting reports.

The Mardan Saparbayev Institute expresses its deep gratitude for the deeply thought-out and topical reports of our guests from the South Kazakhstan University. M. Auezova – head. Department of Russian Language and Literature, candidate of pedagogical sciences Kaldykozova Sandugash Erkinbekovna, as well as candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the same department Ametzhanova Gulmira Anuashevna and hopes for further cooperation.

The work of the seminar lasted more than three hours with an active discussion of topical problems of linguistics and literary studies.

The closing remarks were made by the head. Department of Philology, Candidate of Philology Bakirova Sholpan Abdikerimovna, who summed up the results

International scientific and methodological seminar and called on all invited scholars – philologists for further scientific cooperation with the Mardan Saparbayev Institute.

Responsible moderator and organizer of the seminar – ELIBAYEVA RAUSHAN DUYSENOVNA – Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of Philology.

At the Department of Philology of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute there is a student circle “Russian speech”, one of the tasks of which is the development of creative activity, namely, artistic taste, literary worldview and creative thinking of future teachers.

On December 25, 2020, a student of the RYA-20-1 group of the educational program “Training of teachers of Russian language and literature”, Madyshanova Aliya Omarovna, who participated in the International literary competition “Pedagogical Lyre”, which was held in the Czech Republic in Teplice, was awarded a medal and a diploma of the Laureate International literary competition and a certificate of publication. She periodically publishes her poems in the electronic journals Culture, education, literature 19 and Culture, education, literature 21 (Publisher: MSBooksPublishing, Winnipeg, Canada, 2020).

The staff of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute sincerely congratulates Madyshanova Aliya Omarovna and expresses gratitude to the head of the student circle “Russian speech”, Mamirova Sharapat Kalibekovna!