Department of “Computer Engineering and Design”

Tenizbayev Egenberdi Zhanseitovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences Associate Professor Member of the Academy of Science General teaching experience is 14 years, including 10 years Head of the Department Shymkent city Madeli Kozha street-137, main building MSI, 4th floor, room 412

The mission of the department is using knowledge, accumulated experience, corporate intelligence and moral potential, to provide high-quality training for IT specialists and professionally competent specialists in the field of architectural design through quality education, to create new and develop existing areas IT. The department supports the cult of knowledge and the desire for success, therefore, the implementation of the mission is aimed at training professionally competent specialists, knowledge is a guarantee of a successful career in a prosperous society.

Department history
In 2015, the current name of the department ” Computer technology and Design” was assigned. The department is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Humanities of the Mardan Saparbayev institute and implements professional educational programs of higher education for personnel training. Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages.
The department trains specialists in the following specialties:
“5B011100” – “Informatics” (“6В015 – Training of teachers of natural science”);
“5B042100” – “Design” (“6В031 – Fashion, interior design and industrial design”);
“5B070400” – “Computer technology and software” (“6B061 – Information and communication technologies”).
The staff of the department for the educational programs “Computer technology and software” and “Informatics” is 13 teachers (46% of the degree of teaching staff), according to the educational program “Fashion, interior design and industrial design” is 7 people (43% of the degree of teaching staff).
Teachers have state awards: Tenizbaev E.Zh. badge “Honorary Worker Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” – 2014; Ospanov A.M. badge “Honored Worker of Kazakhstan” – 2014; received a diploma from the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was awarded the honorary badge “Ormet”, and was also elected an academician of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During the entire existence of the department, its scientists and teaching staff have carried out topical research and original applied developments that correspond to the challenges of the rapidly developing computer technology and software.
The general theme of the research work of the department: “Modern directions of development and practical use of natural, technical sciences and design.” The teaching staff of the department actively publish monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, scientific articles, participate in international scientific conferences, competitions.
The development of a number of large projects within the framework of economic agreements is of paramount importance for the development of the department:
1) Economic contract with LLP “TZHS” (TURKISTAN ZHOLSERVIS) for the implementation of research and development “Design and feasibility study of the plant for the production of asphalt concrete” for a period from 01.11.2014 to 31.10.2017 for a total amount of 1,500,000 tenge.
2) Economic contract with FE “Mamutova” for the implementation of research “Development, design and maintenance of the official website of LLP “Modern Project” for a period from 03.09.2018 to 30.11.2018.
3) Economic contract with LLP “Eurasia-EK” for the implementation of research work “Development of a model of a tank farm” for a period from 05/01/2019 to 06/28/2019
4) Economic contract with LLP “Eurasia – EK” for the implementation of research work “Development of the design of a specialized fire station No.1 in Shymkent” for a period from 20.09.2019. until 28.11.2019
In addition, our teachers are actively involved in the development of relevant topics and obtaining copyright for these developments:
Rogovoy A.V. Copyright certificate: No. 7227 dated 12.24.2019 for an electronic textbook on the discipline “Mathematics” (for students of technical and physical and mathematical specialties) “; No. 5473 of September 25, 2019 for the computer program “Miras.App”, 2017; No. 2469 for the utility model “Device for researching integrated circuits” registered in the State Register of Utility Models of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 16, 2017; copyright object entitled “Automated educational process management system of a higher educational institution” (computer program) (Certificate IS 004220, entry in the register No. 0678 dated April 14, 2016, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan); Tenizbaev E. Zh., Zhukova T. A., Ignashova L. V. received a certificate of state registration of rights to a copyright object called “Automated educational process management system of a higher educational institution” (computer program) (Certificate IS 006930, register entry No. 2717 dated December 26, 2016, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
The teachers of the department regularly publish scientific articles in journals with a non-zero impact factor, in which teachers test their scientific research.
In order to keep up with the times, the teachers of the department undergo advanced training, both at the republican and international levels (Russia, Kyrgyzstan). Our teachers conduct master classes and share their experiences.
Exhibition organized by students of the Department of Computer technology and Design
To conduct professional practice, the department has agreements on cooperation with the leading organizations of the city:
LLP “Digital Systems”
LLP “Com City Shymkent”
LLP “Digital Realizations”
LLP “ART technology”
Shymkent University
LLP “Lux Soft”
LLP “TS BIIK PR Company”
State Enterprise “Polytechnic College”

Achievements of students of the Department of Computing and Design
Students of the department take an active part in scientific conferences, competitions, exhibitions, subject Olympiads. And repeatedly received diplomas, certificates and letters of gratitude for participation and victory.
In 2015, first-year student Kulkaev Aisultan Aitmyrzauly took part in the international festival of arts in Blagoveshchensk in the “Focus” photo competition organized by the Amur State University and was awarded a 3rd degree diploma in the nomination “National Color” for photographs “Mountains-Khantagy”, “Landscape-mountains Khantagy ”and“ Raging River in the Khantagy Mountains ”. In the same 2015, Kulkaev Aisultan also took part in the photo contest “Objectivetegi zhaz”, organized by the youth center of Kentau and was awarded a diploma in the nomination “Uzdik photographer”. Also in 2015, the students of the DZk-12-1 group Usen Myrzabay, Isakhov Arman, Karibaeva Aidana took part in the republican subject Olympiad in the discipline “Design of design objects”, supervisor Anarbaev E.A. In 2015, the teacher of the department Zhaukharov Askhat Nurgaluly, a student of the DZk 12-1 group Karibaeva Aidana took part in the exhibitions “Architecture and Design”, “Landscape Design” and “Design of Design Objects” and were awarded a diploma in the nomination “Zamanui Uy”.

In 2019, a student of the DZk 19-1 group Orynbaeva Aidana participated in the Republican competition ” Great steppe descendants” focused on art and won first place and received several diplomas. 
In 2019, a student of the DZk 18-1 group Dyusembaev Dias received a certificate for participation in the First International Forum “Modern Trends in Textile and Food Engineering”.

In 2020, students of the INFk 19-1 group Mamadaly Azhar, Oralbek Ulbosyn, Sheker Zhazira, Toymetov Manguberdy participated in the “XVII International Olympiad in Informatics” from the project and won the 3rd place.

Letters of gratitude of our students

Material and technical base

The department is equipped with six modern computer labs, projectors, interactive whiteboards. All computers have Internet access. Special auditoriums are equipped with various visual aids and multimedia equipment. There is a constant development of information and educational materials for students.


• Association of the Society “Researcher” of the Small Academy of Sciences of the South Kazakhstan region;
• Moscow University named after S.Yu. Witte
• St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)
• Jalal-Abad State University, Kyrgyz Republic
• Tambov State University named after G.R.Derzhavina, Russian Federation
• Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev

Teaching Staff::
Teaching Staff: Degree
1 Алдабергенов Б.А. PhD candidate in Physics and Mathematics,
Associate Professor,
2 Игнашова Л.В. PhD candidate in Physics and Mathematics,
Associate Professor
3 Тенизбаев Е.Ж. PhD candidate in Physics and Mathematics,
Associate Professor
4 Роговой А.В. PhD candidate in Physics and Mathematics,
Associate Professor
5 Юнусова Д.У. PhD candidate in Physics and Mathematics,
Associate Professor
6 Байғабылова Э.Қ teacher, master
7 Сахова С.О. teacher, master
8 Жайлаубай А.М. teacher, master
9 Жолдыбаева Г.Т. teacher
10 Жукова Т.А. PhD candidate in Technical Sciences,
Associate Professor
11 Салыбек Л.Т. teacher, master
12 Оспанов А.М. Senior Teacher
13 Кенжебаева А.Н. teacher, master
14 Рустемова С.И. teacher, master
15 Тастанова С.П. teacher, master
16 Мамадиева К. teacher, master
17 Абдуахит М.Қ teacher, master
18 Анарбаев А.А. teacher, master
19 Сейітова У.М. teacher
20 Түймебай Ж. teacher, master
21 Жолдасбекова А. teacher, master
Students of the Department of Computer science and Design, specializing in Computing and Software, today have the opportunity to take part in the Digital Kazakhstan program on the implementation of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev from January 10, 2018 New opportunities for development in the context of the fourth industrial revolution “, Participated in the first training seminar at the school” Youth Resource Center “IT Park”, and received their first certificates.
Round table with 2017 graduates
Round table with 2018 graduates
Round table with 2018 graduates
Teachers of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute took part in the International Education Fair in Shymkent.